Friday, May 11, 2012

Crate Digging On a Tuesday

Crate Digging On a Tuesday

                           We visited some of our favorite stores and scored some awesome stuff!
  Big Brother & The Holding Co. - Live
I was very excited when Mr. Empty pulled this out of the new arrival bin at Papa Jazz. I got this for a great price and it's a pretty rare record! This record is a collection of early songs from 1966 released in the 80's. I was very happy to learn that Blow My Mind is on the album which is one of my favorite Big Brother songs.

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky 
Spirit In The Sky is my grandma's favorite song of all time. I had to get this because it reminds me of her and also that it is an awesome song.

 The White Stripes - Elephant
I finally own this! I won this in an action on Ebay. An early 2003 pressing from Third Man Records. I paid a little bit for it but it's in great condition so I couldn't not buy it. 
 Red and White pressing!

 The White Stripes - Conquest 7"
B-side It's My Fault For Being Famous produced by Beck. It came with a cool poster of Meg and Jack and also a rare Beck trading card.

 Sunny Day Real Estate - The Pink Album
Mr. Empty got this at Scratch N' Spin and I was excited because it's so pink! He tells me that it is proto-emo. It was Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance before Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.
 Very pretty pink and white marble LP.

 The Black Keys - Brothers 
After much deliberation, Mr. Empty finally bought this album. He loves The Black Keys and I think he was waiting for a picture disc to be released and got tired of waiting. It's a really good album and it came with a huge poster that we may put up one day.

 Mr. Empty found an Arlo Guthrie 45. The City of New Orleans with b-side Ukulele Lady 

 Gary Newman - Cars 45 

The b-side has a factory defect when it was pressed
so it was a good thing that Mr. Empty really only 
bought this because he likes the song Cars. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From ebay to shitty bookstores

Here's a few pics of some records that we have recently purchased and acquired from all over, including ebay and shitty bookstores.  

 Indigo Girls LP
Mr. Empty picked this one up from a bookstore in Georgia. We got it home listened to it and realized that he really doen't like the Indigo Girls.
 Blind Faith - Blind Faith
I got this for pretty cheap. It's a later pressing with a barcode. It will make a great listening copy so we won't have to break out our first pressing.

 The Black Keys - Thickfreakness 
Mr. Empty could not resist this picture disc. One reason is because it's the black keys. The second reason is that it's a picture disc. My personal favorite song off this album us Set You Free.

 Jack White - Blunderbuss
How exciting! Jack White's first solo album. I had this baby on pre-order from the moment I heard about it. It has some really good strong songs on it and is worth getting. I hope one day we can see Jack live!

 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth
I found this today at 2nd and Charles. A big shout out to Maria Baez for selling this record back. If all plays out as planned, Mr. Empty and I may be going to see Joan Jett in September. 

 The White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground 
The got this 7" on ebay for nearly nothing. It's exciting that I actually own this. Side B has a wonderful version on Robert Johnson's Stop Breaking Down. It is mind blowing. Seriously, go find it. Now.

 The Sex Pistols - Spunk
Mr. Empty brought this from Criminal Records in ATL on out way home from Nashville. It's a Bootleg that is mastered realllllll low but the quality is good. A few different versions of this exist, but we have never seen this one. The jacket opening is also on the left instead of the right. Maybe one of a kind?

 Fun. - The Ghost That You Are To Me 
This was a record day exclusive that we were unable to get because by the time we left Third Man Records, they were sold out. We tried several different record stores, is several different states. They sold FAST! Mr. Empty got lucky a few days after RSD and found a cheap listing on ebay. It is really unique because the vinyl is a 10" in the shape of a gear. It features 4 acoustic songs from Fun. It has an version of the song We Are Young, that we actually like better than the original. 
The Gear shaped vinyl

Bob Dylan-The Times They Are A-Changin'
I was super excited to pull out this mono version. And for 21 bucks! I could not say no. I even passed up a live 13 Floor Elevators that Mr. Empty waved in front of my face. I held on tight and I'm so glad that I did. It is in NM condish and sounds great. Something to brag about.