Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ATL Record Hunting

Okay, so it's been awhile! We've got a ton of stuff that we will be posting over the next week or so. 
We just got back from a weekend trip to Atlanta. Had an amazing time at a music festival and found some amazing records. 
But first we will start with this lamp:
 On our way to Starbucks we saw a yard sale flier and it grabbed us. We came across this very unique lamp and I just had to have it. Not quite sure what will become of it yet, we may sell it or keep it. Who even knows at this point where we are going to put it. 

The Sex Pistols - Where Were You In '77? 
This is a sweet Sex Pistols bootleg that Mr. Empty found. The recording is very,very quiet but it's a killer concert and having to turn up the music is never a bad thing. 

Johnny Cash 
We paid almost nothing for this record. It's got a great track list including a cover of A Long Black Veil that I can't wait to listen to. 

 Bon Iver - Calgary 
We purchased this album at Wax n' Facts and perfectly priced at $13. 

 The Runaways - Litte Lost Girl
It's always very rare for us to see any Runaway records. This picture disc consists of the last recordings of the Runaways and it's Still Sealed! The day before finding this record, we actually got a chance to see Joan Jett live. She was amazing and still rocks as much as she did with the Runaways. Hopefully soon we will open this baby and hear it. 

 Nirvana - The BBC Sessions
This is a really cool Italian concert by Nirvana. It's got a cool track list and a great listen for Nirvana fans.

 Johnny Cash - Now Here's Johnny Cash
It's not everyday that you come across an early Johnny Cash record on Sun Records. And that's just what this is. 

 The Clash
Why this was in the dollar record at Criminal records I will never know. I happily snatched this record up without even thinking about it. Finding cheap records is what I'm all about. 

 The Rolling Stones - Flowers 
What you see here is a mono copy of Flowers. We could not believe what awesome condition the jacket and record is in. I was kind of on the fence about paying almost $20 but decided that the only way I would ever get a better copy is if I had a time machine. 

The Doors - Moonlight Drive
This is a bootleg of an early Doors performance from The Matrix in 1967. It has some great versions of classic favorite Doors songs sung by a very young Jim and played to what sounds like an audience of maybe 15 people. It's also really cool to hear Jim and Ray singing together on a few songs. And for such an early performance I was surprised how clear it sounds. 

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