Saturday, March 31, 2012

Handful of 10"

Our 10" collection

This is our small and growing 10" collection. Some of mine and some of Mr. Empty's.

 Matt Sweeny/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Split - Must Be Blind
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - There Is No God

 Silversun Pickups 
Mr. Empty got this on Black Friday Record Store Day. 
Red Hot & Bothered 
EP from 1995 that has a bunch of random stuff on it.

Frank Turner - Rock & Roll
Gold vinyl! 
Frank Turner - Campfire Punkrock
I paid $12 bucks for this record and it's an extremely rare press on yellow vinyl 

New Jack White 7"

Jack White 7"

In preparation for his new album, Blunderbuss, Third Man Records released these babies to get everyone excited about his new album.

Side A: Love Interruption b/w Macine Gun Silhouette 

Side A: Sixteen Saltines b/w Love Is Blindness (U2 cover)

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Chairman Mao

Find of the Day:

So today Mr. Empty and I found a bunch of Chinese Propaganda Posters at an Antique Store. We ended up buying this Chairman Mao poster from 1967 to spruce up our walls. 

 Meow & Mao
Ozzie wanted to be in this picture

Gotye - Making Mirrors
Also I'm super excited that my Gotye album finally arrived in the mail yesterday. It's really great. The track Somebody That I Used To Know sounds ever better in vinyl. If you haven't heard of him definitely check it his music and Kimbra's as well. 

Papa & Scratch

On recent trip to our local record stores Scratch N' Spin & Papa Jazz, Mr. Empty happened upon these DJ and house music records. 

 The Cure - Disintegration 

Fantastic Plastic Machine 

Tomb Raider soundtrack

Record Convention

Record Convention - Columbia, SC

There were only a handful of people at this convention in February. We got to meet and talk to some really interesting people about their lives on the road selling vinyl. We were very lucky to find some great deals.
 I absolutely love The Doors. I hope that one day I can have a huge tab like this one seller did. He had lots of rare stuff but all a bit to pricey for me.

Mr. Empty and I are building a miscellaneous section in our collection modeled after this. :)   

 The Blue Oyster Cult - Tyranny And Motivation
Mr. Empty is a fan of Blue Oyster Cult so when I found this is a 2 dollar bin I knew we were getting it! 
On the back of this LP there is a 'Governmental Use Only' gold embossed stamp. Whatever that means! 

 Dusty Springfield - Dusty 
I dug this Mono copy out of a 2 dollar bin and was so excited! It features the great song 'I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself'!

 The Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols 
Okay, so we did not get this out of a 2 dollar bin. Wish we had though! Mr. Empty and I went in on this record. It's a first pressing and in great condition. We love punk.

 Eric Burdon & The Animals - Winds of Change
A cool album I got for nothing at all. I find The Animals to be soothing so I keep this album around to listen to on a rainy day. 

The Beach Boy - Pet Sounds
This was probably the most exciting and best find of the day. I have been looking for this album for a long time. I'm glad I waited to buy an expensive copy somewhere because I found this lurking in a 2 dollar bin. :) It is an original first pressing in wonderful condition! I'm so happy I finally own a copy!

Elergy - The Nice
Mr. Empty haggled with the $5 price tag on this record and got it down to 3 dollars for me. He loves to haggle. Love the cover of this record and the actual record itself is in mint condition. It's hard to believe that a mint condition of this record even exists because stoners didn't take care of their records back in the day. Now that I own this record, I see it everywhere. Isn't that how it goes? 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wax N' Facts

Wax N' Facts

 The door to Wax N' Facts has been open for over 30 years. It is also located in Little 5 Points, just down the street from Criminal Records. It has much more used vinyl but also has a large selection on re-issuses and new lps. 
 The maze of vinyl inside Wax N' Facts. It can be overwhelming at times but if you are looking for something special it's probably here.

We didn't get much here mostly because are pockets were considerably lighter after visiting Criminal Records first. But Mr. Empty found a Mountain Goats record that he should have bought a long time ago. There were many other records that we were tempted with but had to pass until the next trip.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Record Store, Little 5 Points

Criminal Records

Criminal Records is a great store that we visit every time we get a chance to head into Atlanta. It's a huge store that not only has a great selection of vinyl but also cds, comic books, t-shirts, artwork, and all kinds of other kooky things. You never really know what's gonna be in store until you walk in. It is located in Little 5 Points where you can easily lose track and spend hours shopping. Bring lots of meter money! :)

 A peak inside Criminal

 Mr. Empty crate digging. We found some great stuff in these!

 The Shins - Port of Morrow
The new Shins album! I Have't listened to it yet but I am very excited to. It came with a 5 song Acoustic EP that was limited to "indie record stores" with the purchase. 

David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust 
I'm kind of embarrassed that I didn't already own a copy of this. Picked this album up for less than 8 dollars so I am happy. 

 Nanker Phelge - Out of Time
This is an early unofficial Rolling Stones album under the pseudonym Nanker Phelge. In the early sixties, the band used this name to credit all members of the Stones to the to royalties of certain songs. I'm not entirely sure what this album is or where it came from because there is not a lot of information I can find. I love the cover because it features the band dressed in drag. :) 
 (If anyone has any info on this please let me know!)

Eminem - Encore (DJ copy) 
 Mr. Empty is a huge Eminem fan so I bought this for him to make into a record bowl, but once we got it home we realized that he really likes the song so the melting is out! A great addition to out collection! 

 Sex Pistols - Never Trust A Hippy
Another one that we don't know much about. Mr. Empty bought this because he loves The Sex Pistols. It seems to be a rare live album. Should be fun! 

 Buddy Holly - The Buddy Holly Story
Mr. Empty has drooled over this album at record conventions and finally he found one for a reasonable price. This album can go for hundreds of dollars and he was lucky to to get this beautiful Mono copy for nearly nothing! That's what we like to call a 'Grand Theft Vinyl'

Kanye West - Through The Wire (DJ copy)
The great thing about this record is that it's a DJ copy. It has a few other versions of Through The Wire that you normally wouldn't get anywhere else. Mr. Empty got this for only $3.50. That's a steal! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ramona's Excellent Goodwill Find

She found a Canon Rebel 2000, with a 28-80 lens. You always have to be wary of cameras from thrift stores, but after I looked over it as best I could, she decided to take a chance on it, hoping it would work.

After picking up some costly CR2s for it, it worked! So now we have two Rebel film bodies in our camera family. :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fat Cats: Record store number two in Boone!

Fat Cats was the store we were originally trying to get to in Boone. This store was a little weird, a little crazy, and all cool. Big wall with record crates on the left side, and video rentals on the right of the store. Chatted for a good long while with a cool shopkeep in here, he suggested a great Thai place that we went to after.

Ramona: "This has Superstition on it. Enough said. Also, it has the braille inside."  

Ramona: "60s band, famous for Knock Three Times, and famous for from the movie Now and Then. Kind of like Ohio Express, very sing-along sixties style."

Ramona: "Never heard of this dude. On Vanguard, looks like early Baez and Dylan, one of those folk singers, dirty hippy in wingtips types. Should be interesting!"

Ramona: "Ike and Tina Turner Live at Carnegie Hall. Tri-fold, double LP, with lots of pictures of the happy couple, including one of Ike with machine gun bullets on a belt around his scrawny torso. Hopefully it has a lot of raw, live singing from Tina. Has Proud Mary, and Piece of My Heart."

Mr. Empty: "Picked this record up because I'm descended from Stonewall Jackson on my father's side, and I thought this guy might be related to me. Turns out that's a stage name, so, bummer. Anyway, Ramona tells me this is a rare record. It better be good or I'll just be disappointed all around."

Mr. Empty: "Found this record once in Fat Cat's for like $10, which isn't terrible but it's a little more than I usually am in the mood to pay for a Herb Alpert album that isn't Whipped Cream. So I put it back, and then when I went to their discount, "3 for $5" crates, I found it and got it for a lot cheaper. I haven't listened to this particular record but everything he did with Tijuana Brass is really great jam music."

Mr. Empty: "Classic BOC, not in the best condition, but I got it for nice and cheap, so I don't mind. "

Mr. Empty: "A later Carly Simon record, she started to get a little ragged with the hair but that's okay. I still dig it. :P"

Mr. Empty: "This is a Little Red Riding Hood record. Look at that scary-ass wolf! So many teeth!"

641 RPM: Our first record store in Boone!

This was the first store we found in Boone, we actually ran into it a little bit by accident, we were looking for another record store and saw this one first. We parked and ran up, the first thing we see is hand-made peppermint slipmats on a bunch of record players spinning in the front of the store. This was a good sign, and this store definitely had a chunk of good records for us. Not bad pricing either! We chatted with the shopkeep for a bit, he was cool.

Ramona digging in 641 RPM

Mr. Empty: "My Bonnie Prince Billy collection grows ever larger. This one is a split 7" between BPB and The Black Swans, and they're both doing covers of songs from Larry Jon Wilson, who recently passed on. I'm very excited to listen to it."

Ramona: "A promo copy of one of Melanie's first albums. Melanie was one of those folk singers from the 60s who were playing off Dylan's success, she had a hit in the 70s but she's extremely prolific. Saw her a couple years ago, too."
Ramona: "Just played a show with Jesse Colin Young a week ago, the frontman for this band. Sang a duet of their song "Get Together" with him. This doesn't have that track, but it does have their grammy-nominated song, "Darkness, Darkness" on it. Very cool, I'll have to see if I can get Jesse to sign this for me, too."

Ramona: "The famous Richie Havens from Woodstock. He's a hell of a guitarist, anything he puts out is worth picking up just for the guitar playing. He put out a lot of weird 80s albums that were weird, hopefully this isn't one of those though lol. It has covers of C.C. Rider and Boots of Spanish Leather."

Mr. Empty: "Okay...this is a weird one. This album is in EVERY book of album covers, and I've seen it over and over again but never actually seen a copy in person!!! No idea what this band sounds like, but the cover reminds me of King Crimson so...maybe they're similar? :P"

Mr. Empty: "This was my huge find! This is David Cross, doing stand-up. On vinyl. :O and and and the record is VELVET!!! and it comes with a DVD! :O :O :O DAVID CROSS!!!"